Staying Effective During Covid-19 Lockdown

None of us know what to expect during lockdown, this is a first for the entire planet.  One thing we do know for certain is that being in lockdown will put enormous pressure on society and the economy.  

The eCommerce community has been buzzing all week, trying to find out whether we can trade or not, what's allowed, what isn't, and how long we can all last for.  These are trying times for all businesses and eCommerce focussed businesses are no different.  The general consensus is to continue trading but delay the delivery of goods which are not deemed essential.  If you make medical supplies and hospitals form part of your client base, then you continue to deliver.  If you have multiple vendors on your site making clothing, jewellery and accessories, then you delay shipping because it's luxury goods.  

I'd recommend using the time in lockdown to be as efficient as possible.  Tidy up your website, update the company copy on your site, change product information and concentrate on those small tasks which we never seem to have the time to do properly.  Create a new marketing strategy, start planning for Black Friday, or schedule in the next quarter's worth of social media posts.  Every little helps.  Make good use of this down-time so that when we're back to normal again, you're ahead of the game and able to crush your competition.

If you'd like some ideas or need assistance with your website, Mush:Mush is fully operational during lockdown as we work remotely, so please feel free to get in touch.

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