Every Thursday at 3.30 PM on Wild Coast 98.6 FM, Mush:Mush sits down with Mel Gahler on The Home Run to discuss all things eCommerce.

We cover all aspects of running an eCommerce business, considering everything from a business owner's perspective as well as from the consumer side of things.

Listen live by streaming on the Wild Coast FM website, from the Tune In website or app and if you're in East London you can pick it up on the good ol’ radio waves.

Here is a list of all the podcasts from 2020, if you would like further information please get in touch with us.


17 Dec - Last show for 2020, we run through what we've covered this year

10 Dec - Tips and tricks for shipping during December

03 Dec - Black Friday 2020 stats and information

26 Nov - Black Friday weekend, the different types of sales to consider for small / micro businesses.

19 Nov - Tips and tricks to finding your target audience.

12 Nov - Email marketing part 2 - steps to help you build a loyal customer base.

05 Nov - Email marketing and how to use it to grow a loyal customer base.

29 Oct - eCommerce Platforms and how to choose

22 Oct - Selling Services, Digital or Virtual products online

15 Oct - Is eCommerce accessible for Small Businesses in a Rural Setting?

08 Oct - The Legal side of eCommerce - what to bear in mind and the best practices for SA eCommerce businesses.

01 Oct - How to source products to start an eCommerce business.

24 Sep - Various eCommerce Stats for South Africa

17 Sep - The Benefits of Black Friday and why it's important for small businesses to participate.

10 Sep - The most common misperceptions of eCommerce.

03 Sep - Facebook Business Manager and how it integrates into eCommerce platforms and Instagram.

27 Aug - Paid Facebook Marketing & Ads.

20 Aug - Using Facebook as a free advertising channel for your brand and tools to help schedule future posts. *link not available

13 August - Google Ads Manager. We’ll be setting up a live campaign and then over the next few weeks we will watch what is does and how it works. 

06 August - SEO.  That means Search Engine Optimisation.  

30 July - Introduction to Google’s Suite of products.  What’s available, which ones are free and what they can do for your business.

23 Jul 2020 - Branding & Products Mini Series Part 3: Product innovation and how to know when to change

16 Jul 2020 - Branding & Products Mini Series Part 2: A proper guide to selling products online

[Link to the TEDx Talk with Simon Sinek: "Start with Why"]

09 Jul 2020 - Branding & Products Mini Series Part 1: Competition vs Collaboration

02 Jul 2020 - Shipping Mini Series Part 3: Shipping Globally

25 Jun 2020 - Shipping Mini Series Part 2: Shipping into other African Countries

18 Jun 2020 - Shipping Mini Series Part 1: Shipping within South Africa

11 Jun 2020 - Online Security from an eCommerce Business Perspective

04 Jun 2020 - Online Security from a Shopper's Perspective

28 May 2020 - Golden Tips for Social Media Content

14 May 2020 - How to Navigate Lockdown - Tips for Small Businesses

07 May 2020 - Hints & Tips for Shipping in South Africa

30 Apr 2020 - Online Shopping Frustrations from a Consumer's Point of View

23 Apr 2020 - Online Resources to Help with your Time Management

16 Apr 2020 - Letter to Government Regarding Opening eCommerce during Covid-19 Lockdown

09 Apr 2020 - Answering General Questions from Listeners about eCommerce

02 Apr 2020 - Introduction to Omnichannel Marketing

19 Mar 2020 - eCommerce from an Online Store Owner's Perspective

05 Mar 2020 - Shipping & Delivery

27 Feb 2020 - eCommerce Payment Gateways available in South Africa

20 Feb 2020 - eCommerce Platforms to Consider

13 Feb 2020 - Getting Started with an Online Store

02 Feb 2020 - Introduction to eCommerce