About us

Our primary aim is to help your business grow. We succeed when you succeed.

Our clients come to us when they feel stuck. Stuck with a strategy, stuck with an outdated website, stuck with no website or even stuck without knowledge.

We keep the web services we offer to a minimum in order to make sure the quality of service we provide within each service is top notch. We operate on Shopify and WordPress, but it all depends on what you’re looking to do and your business model. One of our main mantras at Mush:Mush is to ‘empower the people’.  Our founder Jenn wholeheartedly believes that businesses should manage and maintain their own websites. It’s 2023, it’s never been easier to start a business. The same goes for websites. It’s never been easier to manage or build a website and we gladly share our knowledge and expertise with all of our clients to help them be better at business. Training is part of that. We are working towards building a solid and sustainable eCommerce community around South Africa.

What makes us the perfect partner for you? We’ve been working in the South African eCommerce industry for 8 years now, in various guises. We have years of experience in guiding and helping newcomers as well as online veterans and entrepreneurs realise their business goals.