What is Platform23?

Platform23 is a multi-vendor platform build on Shopify, showcasing designers and brands local to South Africa.  It's one of the first of its kind, based out of Jo'burg, Tania and team push hard to find unique, creative, exclusive and eclectic local brands that create fashion, decor and art pieces to inspire and warm the African spirit.

Mush:Mush's role:

Mush:Mush was brought on board as a core member of the team to support changes required on the site, to help strategise and advise direction for the look and feel of the site as well as to make sure new vendors are loaded quickly and seamlessly. 

This is a current and on-going project.  

What PLATFORM23 has to say about working with Mush:Mush:

"Jenn is extremely well experienced with online training, starting from online planning, operations, advanced tech support and most importantly the growth and development of online store success.   She is a very important asset to our business and a positive,  dedicated  team  player.  Her contribution to our company’s success is benchmark brilliant and without her none of this would have been possible.

She  is  the  most  equipped  and  skilled  person  to  assist  any  online  store  development  and  her  time management skills are flawless. She is a key pillar in online business operations, from a logistics and tech approach and a phenomenal teacher to us all."

- Tania de Vos, Founder and Managing Director | PLATFORM23