Website Builds

There are two reasons a business would want to have a website.  Some companies want to let the world know about their goods and/or services online purely for information purposes, while others prefer to offer their goods and/or services for sale online.  The latter is called eCommerce.  You don't have to have an eCommerce store, the main reason companies do so is because it offers an additional sales channel which operates 24/7.  It also provides access to a huge audience online.

The website we recommend for each client largely depends on the business model and company strategy.  

We work mainly on Shopify and WordPress and we also offer builds on the Wix platform, it all depends on your requirements though.  Whichever platform is chosen, we work with each client once the site is published to ensure they are trained and capable of making basic changes themselves.  We empower the people and believe that businesses should own and manage their own websites to save time and money.

If your preference is for us to build and then maintain your website on an ongoing basis, that is also a possibility.  

We also offer services to companies with existing websites where we can improve certain elements or update the entire site.

For more information about this service, call Jenn on 074 674 3194 or email  Alternatively please complete the below contact form and we will get back to you.  Please be sure to specify 'Web build Enquiry' in the subject line.