Website Management and/or Marketing Retainer

This is for you when you have an existing site, or we've just built your new website or eCommerce store and you would like us to help you manage and maintain it. Retainers run in blocks of minimum 3 months at a time, this is because it is best practice to plan > do > review, which takes 3 months.

Similar to the website management retainer, this works in blocks of minimum 3 months, because just like the website management retainer, it's all about plan > do > review and seeing proper results from marketing is a long term deal. Marketing retainers include, but are not limited to, the setting up and maintenance of:

  • Google Shopping
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook & Instagram Pages, including the Meta Business Suite
  • LinkedIn (if necessary)

We do offer one or the other service if that is all you require, ie only website maintenance without the marketing management, or only the marketing management without the website maintenance.

Get in touch with Jenn on 074 674 2194 or email to discuss details and requirements.